Cleveland and Lakewood’s Bill Hixson, a floral designer, teacher, and Christmas aficionado has been serving our community and country for more than sixty years.  And he has been decorating trees and doing special events at the White House for over 30 years.


His career as a floral designer, floral design teacher and designer has spanned for many years. Each year has been very rewarding for him as his former students go on to become some of the top floral designers in the field and dear friends.  At age 22, he founded his now world-famous Hixson's School of Floral Design. Students from all over the world used to register months in advance to assure enrollment.


Bill continues to teach floral arranging in Japan.  He has been lecturing, demonstrating, and teaching there for a month each year for over 45 years.

Although he is no longer teaching his specialty floral design classes, you can still purchase his DVD collection of practical information in concise, easy to understand methods of floral arrangements at the store.

Bill Hixson’s other passion is Christmas, and he is known as Mr. Christmas. Over the years he has conducted extensive research on the Christmas holiday traditions and explored the familiar icons of Christmas such as the figures, fruits and flowers that decorate our trees. Along the way, he discovered fascinating stories on how and why each ornament was used. These endearing stories are now part of the legends that accompany his ornaments.

In order to share his passion for Christmas, he contracted small family-owned factories to produce custom designs exclusive to his store, Hixson’s Inc. These European craftsmen carefully hand-make every ornament, and skilled family artisans paint, glitter, and detail each one before preparing it to be shipped.

Today, Bill Hixson's operation has located hundreds of these glass-crafting families in the Lauscha-Neustadt Coborg area of Germany, as well as Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and the Ukraine. Each family creates a limited number of ornaments which he imports and are available at his store.

Bill Hixson has also been assisting with decorating for over 30 years at the White House for Christmas and for special events.

When you enter his shop located in the beautiful suburban city of Lakewood, Ohio just 6 miles west of downtown Cleveland, you will find yourself surrounded by a nostalgic collection of music boxes and Easter eggs, collectibles and antiques.


“There is always something to see and do at Hixson’s.”  Please plan a visit to our store today.



Bill Hixson has been assisting with decorating Christmas trees in the White House every season for more than 30 years.